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First-aid steps

Take the patient to a ventilated area. Take off any contaminated pieces of garment. Rinse the affected areas with water and soap. If the patient is unconscious and/or breathing has ceased, artificial respiration or oxygenation should be started. Take the patient to the nearest medical facility, taking this form with you.



Take the patient to a ventilated area. If breathing has ceased, artificial respiration should be started. If breathing is difficult, seek medical attention immediately.



Rinse the affected area immediately with water and soap. Take off any contaminated piece of garment. In case of symptoms, seek medical attention. Wash the contaminated clothes before wearing them again.



Rinse the affected eye immediately with water. Seek medical attention.



Do not induce vomiting. However, in case of spontaneous vomiting, do not attempt to stop it. Just turn the person on his/her side, so that the vomit is not inhaled into the lungs. Seek medical attention immediately.


Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

What actions should be avoided
Never perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if the patient has ingested the product. Use intermediate life support to perform the procedure.

Protection for first-aid providers
Avoid skin contact with the product during the procedure.


If the procedures described above are not enough or in case of adverse effects, please contact CEATOX (Toxicological Assistance Center) of Hospital das Clínicas/Faculdade de Medicina USP.

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