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It feels good to be home.soin

When the laundry is removed from the machine and continues to smell good in the closets. When you can sleep peacefully because your home is protected from insects. When the bathrooms are clean, the dishes are grease-free, and the kitchen is shining as though expecting to be used again. When there is care, protection, and hygiene, your home becomes the best place in the world. And each SOIN product helps you to turn your home into a place to feel good.

The Soin family

here is our history

1978 foundation

Foundation of SIM Sociedade Industrial de Máquinas Ltda., a factory specializing in manufacturing machines and equipment.

1984 sanitation sector

The company enters the sanitation sector with a very small line of products.

1997 new management

The company has a new management and changes its corporate name to SIM Sociedade Industrial Ltda., keeping its focus on the sanitation sector.

1998 updates

The products and packages are updated, and quality is improved. Insecticide UFFA is launched.

2000 growth

Marcado pelo crescimento exponencial da presença de marcas no mercado nacional.

2005 new name

ZAP Clean, the brand of the future: brands SIM, WC Box, and WC 2000 are unified. The company changes its name to SOIN Sociedade Industrial.

2009 secar’s success

SECAR is ranked the 5th Brand of Air Purifiers of Brazil by Nielsen. And it still is.

2010 verticalization of the productive processes

The company makes approximately 85% of its packages, improving, in this way, its efficiency.

2017 new positioning

The company reformulates its positioning to:
It feels good to be home! Its goal is to take wellness to your home with products for home protection, hygiene, and air purification. It is a new phase of expansion and sales success.